Libra Avocats supports its clients by offering comprehensive answers to the atypical cases encountered in business law, general litigation, and family and individual law.

Business Law

We assist our clients with in all aspects throughout the life of their company, in France or abroad:

  • corporate law, international business law, regulatory law,
  • incorporation of a company,
  • corporate governance, relationships between management and shareholders,
  • change of management, departure of a partner or shareholder,
  • acquisition of subsidiaries, setting up financing,
  • insolvency proceedings, etc.

All of the attorneys of Libra Avocats have a great deal of experience in business litigation. Furthermore, the expertise and experience of Bernard Grelon in this area allows us to take a comprehensive approach. A lawyer and law professor for over forty-five years, his overall vision allows him to analyze and handle atypical cases with tactfulness.

General Litigation

Libra Avocats practices general litigation in the fields of criminal law, business and commercial law, civil law and art law. We assist our clients in recurrent and common litigation, to more complex and atypical cases requiring solutions and strategies for unprecedented situations.

Our experience in national and international law allows us to coordinate proceedings pending in several countries. In this context, we regularly collaborate with colleagues of an expert level abroad.

Among the firm’s clients are executives of private and public companies and institutions, financial and administrative institutions, businesses and individuals.

Finally, the firm has specific expertise in art law and litigation related to such issues, particularly in matters of authenticity or trafficking in cultural property.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We regularly serve as counsel in arbitration proceedings—an alternative method for resolving disputes before national courts—and that are conducted with a global visition in order to safeguard our clients’ interests. In addition, Bernard Grelon is in particular regularly appointed an arbitrator in this type of proceeding.

The firm regularly works to assist its clients in the context of mediations and collaborative law procedures. Delphine Eskenazi is, in this respect, a trained mediator.

Private Client

Libra Avocats is recognized for its expertise in cases of international family law and estate litigation. In this field, our clients are mainly French citizens residing abroad or foreigners who either live or have interests in France. Delphine Eskenazi and Frances Auchincloss Goldsmith have been working together since 2008 on cases with an international context, allowing them to better advise their clients in crisis situations or during a separation.

They regularly help their clients to resolve complex financial transactions and restore balance to families in crisis.

They work in the following areas in particular:

Family law

  • Divorce and separation proceedings in France, and as supporting counsel for proceedings abroad.
  • Proceedings related to issues of parental responsibility.
  • Recognition and enforcement in France of judgements issued abroad on matters of divorce or separation.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements in an international context.
  • Management of retirement schemes according to one’s matrimonial regime in France and abroad.
  • International parentage proceedings
  • Recognition and registration of surrogacies performed abroad.
  • Procedure of transferring a child’s residency abroad (relocation cases).
  • Child abduction procedures.

Estate law

The firm assists its clients when initiating inheritance proceedings or during a mediation in the context of an inheritance dispute. Our teams rely on their experience to advise our clients on how an international inheritance will play out and on what strategy to use when filing in multiple jurisdictions.